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We're working with the systemic and solution focused approach coming from the brief therapy and developped by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg.


This method consists in focusing on the ideal future situation of the client, without  taking into consideration the origin of the problem. The only reason to go back to the past of the coachee is to help him identifying available resources and positive experiences on which he can build to make his "small steps" towards his goals. Because it is "the client (who) develops his own solutions based on his own resources and successes".  (De Shazer).


During the coaching session, we regularly use original tools and creative methods which help the coachee to consider his situation from an other perspective, like leaving the office and experiencing a "solution-walk" in the nature. 


Our role is not to counsel the client but to support him in discovering his own solutions to his questions or needs. Finding new paths thanks to his own resources increases his self-confidence and his awareness of the existing competences. The coachee learns to develop a more independent and proactive approach to his difficulties, in his working environment so as in his private life.  


This way of coaching reveals to be also very usefull to support the team performance (new member, communication lacks, conflicts...)


We have made you curious about this Solution-Surfing ? Try it out with us !

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