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Theoretical knowledge alone, which appeals only to the intellect, is not enough when it comes to put into practice the new learning. To obtain a sustainable change in behavior, it's necessary to involve actively the learner in his learning process, especially through practical experimentation and debriefing of the related emotions. Learning by experience combines the three levels of thinking, feeling and doing ; this is the only way to anchor sustainably the new knowledge


For this reason, we use a methodology which is based on the work of the psychologist David Kolb: learning by experience. We work as much as possible outdoor, the nature being an ideal learning environment providing space to experiment, to dare doing new things and overall many occasions to step out of the comfort zone and extend personal limits. Making mistakes and recognizing emotions are considered as key elements of the learning process. 


In a team of 3 trainers with many years of experience in experiential learning,  we are able to provide solutions to your various needs with customized programs around leadership development, company culture  and values enhancement, change facilitation or team

performance optimization. 

Kolb's circle and the 4 learnings stages of experiential learning:  


  1. Concrete experience : an activity takes place

  2. Reflective observation :
    discussion about the observed processes 

  3. Abstract conceptualization :
    generalisation and identification of the improvement potential 

  4. Active experimentation : next activity takes place to implement the identified learnings and ensure the transfer to the workplace

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"Beyond the limits"

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